Our Story

NearlyHub.com is a leading hub and digital platform for service-oriented businesses in India. Nearlyhub connect you to a very specific group of near business & service experts. We understand the need to bridge the distance between service-oriented businesses in the country and the consumers who need those services. We provide the best, free, reliable, and comprehensive information to users and connect buyers to sellers.


The Problems of Consumer and Businesses

We noticed early that many people were looking for quality services but could not access them because they couldn't find them. We also noticed that many businesses that offer quality services were unable to reach the people for whom they exist. Sometimes, when a consumer sees a service he needs, he often has to look elsewhere for a complimentary service. This can be stressful.

We have Solution

Knowing all of this and how this way of finding businesses brings stress to the average Indian, we set out to build a simple, easy-to-use platform for everyone – businesses and customers alike. The result is NearlyHub.com. Unlike our competitors and other competing services, we value all of our clients who use our platform and ensure you get the best experience.

We boast a wide range of services on our platform. You will not need to look for the services you need on any other platform as we aim to be your one-stop-shop for all the services you will need, including medical, home, repairs, and many more.


Services On NearlyHub.com

On nearlyhub.com you can find almost all the services you will ever need. Some of these services you will find here include

hotels Hotels
Beauty-personal Beauty & Personal Care
repair-service Repair Services At home
daily-needs Daily Needs
tour-travel Tour & Travels
jobs Job search
movies-online Movies Online
insurance Insurance
spa-salon Spa and Salon
restaurants Restaurants
entertainment-events Entertainment and Events
movies Movies
automobile-repair Automobile repair specialists
doctors-appointment Doctors Appointments
And so many more.

Our Team

We have an incredible team of professionals on our side. Our team members consist of engineers, computer scientists, business experts, and many more who work tirelessly in the background to give you a great experience every time you make use of our service.

We also have a team of well-trained customer representatives that are ever ready to answer any questions you may need answers to and ensure you have a hitch-free experience as you use our site.

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